Here at Onboard Surf and Snow, Swansea’s real surf shop, we are the wetsuit specialist of Wales offering knowledgeable advice to help you choose the correct suit and also ensuring that it fits you properly.
Onboard surf and snow bring you only the best wetsuits to ensure that we bring you quality wetsuits that we know will keep you warm in the water. Onboard surf and snow will bring you a selection from Quiksilver wetsuits, Billabong wetsuits and Oneill.
Buying a wetsuit online can be quite tricky and we will all advise that you try a suit on first as they all vary in their sizing and the wetsuit fitting correctly is so crucial to its performance.
* Always check that the wetsuit fits you right into the small of your back, so that it is not loose, otherwise this will allow water into your suit and you will become colder much quicker.
*When trying your wetsuit on make sure that your knees are in the centre of the knee pads on the wetsui,t as it is easy to think that the suit is too small in the legs but it can be that it only needs pulling up a little more.
*Make sure that the wetsuit sleeves are not rolled or gathered around the wrist, as this can cause the wetsuit to feel small across the chest so ensure that the wetsuit sits flush with the wrists.
*Remember that a wetsuit is meant to be tight on the neck, people often go a size bigger because it ‘too tight’ on the neck, however this will loosen after a couple of surfs and if it is too big it will begin to let the water in .
If you are unsure of what size wetsuit or make either Oneill, Billabong or Quiksilver, we are more than happy to talk it through over the phone 01792 203018.

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